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Indoor Environmental Expert Testimony

As accepted expert witnesses, we obtain scientific data and provide well-documented cause and origin studies. From lab results to samples and photographs, our detailed inspections are always court defensible.

Air Quality Assessment

Whether requesting a routine assessment of your building’s air quality or testing as the result of a complaint, McKee provides thorough, reliable, and defensible indoor environmental assessments. Call us today.

Asbestos and Lead Inspections

When it comes to large restoration projects, partial demolition is almost always part of the job. Our experts support contractors by identifying potential asbestos and lead hazards during both demo and fire damage restoration.

Fire and Smoke Damage Consulting

From studying the causes of fire and smoke damage to identifying their impact on both the building and its contents, McKee ensures remediation is safe and effective.

Mold Inspection and Protocols

For widespread, hard-to-solve mold issues, we offer premium inspection services. From cause and origin studies to safe eradication, restoration contractors continually count on our partnership.